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The Azbil product line includes a broad range of photoelectric, proximity, and measurement sensors that we have used to support our OEM and end user customer base for generations. Quality, durability and long service life are expected from all our sensor products and we are always looking for the next opportunity or application to prove it.


Azbil is leaping ahead of Yamatake's 100 years with human centered automation, but we are doing so from a solid base of limit, safety interlock, explosion proof and basic switches depended on by our customer base for generations. If you need a solid product with proven reliability, Azbil switches should be your first choice.

Advanced Measurement and Control

From basic heater control to providing the exacting computations necessary for a carburizing furnace to provide temperature and carbon potential program control, Azbil has a model of digital controller for almost any job. Combine our controllers with Azbil advanced mass flow measurement devices and you can monitor and control the process from the gas pipe through production.