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Azbil North America, Inc. Website Usage Agreement

By using this website, users agree to the following conditions.Azbil North America, Inc. may modify this Usage Agreement without notice at any time. The modified agreement will come into effect immediately.

While Yamatake takes due care as to the content of this website, the company shall not be held responsible for:
1. Ensuring that the displayed information is entirely correct, safe, and useful;
2. Ensuring that the displayed information is always up to date;
3. Any damage whatsoever that may occur as a result of using this website;
4. Unannounced server stoppages, changes to information, or cessation or interruption in the provision of information; or any damages whatsoever that may occur as a result.

Usage of any websites of affiliate companies with links on this website is subject to their respective Usage Agreements.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Copyrights and other rights pertaining to this website, and to individual documents, graphics designs, trademarks, logos, and other information (below: website data) featured on this website are the property of Azbil North America, Inc., the original author, or other rights holders. Apart from the personal-use exceptions admitted by the Copyright Act, any usage of website data (including duplication, transmission, distribution, and alteration) without the permission of Azbil North America, Inc., the original author, or other rights holders is a violation of the Copyright Act; therefore, users must ensure they obtain appropriate permission from Azbil North America, Inc. when saving or printing information from this website. However, Azbil North America, Inc. does not have any rights or rights of permission as regards copyrights, patent documents; you need rights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights of other parties.

Trade names, trademarks, or emblems belonging to Azbil North America, Inc. and used in this website are protected by the Trademark Law, the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and other laws. Use of these without explicit permission is prohibited.

Prohibited Acts
Users are forbidden to carry out the following when using Azbil North America, Inc.'s website:

1.        Any actions that infringe upon industrial property rights, copyrights, or other property rights of other users, third parties, or Azbil North America, Inc.;

2.        Any actions that libel, slander, defame, or menace other users, third parties, or Azbil North America, Inc.;

3.        Any actions that cause or could cause disadvantage or loss for other users, third parties, or Azbil North America, Inc.;

4.        Any actions that could tarnish the reputation of Yamatake or Yamatake's website;

5.        Any use of this website for business purposes or other profit-making activities;

6.        Any actions such as obscene or profane activities or making statements that could threaten public order or offend public morals;

7.        Any actions such as the use or provision of harmful code Including computer viruses, or anything that might be construed as threatening said actions;

8.        Actions that violate or could violate laws and ordinances (Including those concerning exports);

9.        In addition to the above, any actions in violation of this Usage Agreement that hinder or could hinder the business activities of Yamatake or third parties.

Provision of User Information
Yamatake does not accept any information from users of this website except when confidential or other information (including ideas regarding user's technology, sales, and products; below: relevant information) is requested of a specific customer.Please be aware that, in the unlikely event that relevant information is provided by users to Yamatake, and for which no specific agreement has been made regarding obligations for confidentiality, then Yamatake will be under no obligation whatsoever to maintain confidentiality. Furthermore, Yamatake will be under no obligation to either use or evaluate such information.

Inasmuch as there are no specific stipulations in other service Usage Agreements with Yamatake, Yamatake shall accept no responsibility as regards users or third parties. Furthermore, Yamatake shall accept no responsibility whatsoever as regards the frequency of renewal, accuracy, usability, suitability for special purposes, functionality, or safety (freedom from harmful code Including but not limited to viruses) of the content of the web site.

Yamatake shall accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may occur as a result from either modifications to the Yamatake's Usage Agreement, or server stoppages.

Yamatake shall accept no responsibility whatsoever as regards the content of websites linked directly or indirectly from this website. The presence of a link should not be construed as denoting that Yamatake has an affiliate or customer relationship with the linked site.

In the event that there are any disputes as regards this service, and claims made of Yamatake for compensatory damages by users or third parties that result in Yamatake paying said damages, then Yamatake may claim all expenses (Including legal fees) Incurred as a result of the dispute from the user deemed to be the cause of the said dispute.

Applicable Laws and Competent Courts
This Usage Agreement and Yamatake's website comply with Japanese law. Furthermore, any legal action that may be required with regard to this Usage Agreement or Yamatake's website shall take place in the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.