Directional Valves
TOKYO KEIKI provides a full range of solenoid and
solenoid pilot-operated directional valves from
20 liters to 800 liters. Our standard CETOP 3
and CETOP 5 solenoid valves feature high flow
and high pressures, low head loss, with high
allowable back pressures. In addition,
TOKYO KEIKI also offers unique valve
configurations and models to fit specific
customer requirements.

Our fine current signal switching valves, DG4VC-3 Series, enable direct linkage to programmable controllers. Our DG4VS-3 shockless valve series allows the user to select the shockless function for the ON-OFF, ON only, or OFF only modes to match the application. We have developed the DG4SM-3 Series mini-watt valves which feature very low (5W) power consumption and direct programmable controller connection capability.